Replica Gucci Ophidia New Ladies Beige Canvas Double G Shoulder Bag

Replica Gucci Handbags 2018 autumn and winter big show just ended, this time particularly attracted me is a new super pack! The design of this year’s oversized bag will be very hot, and the oversized bag that was popular in 2018 is not the kind of big and heavy style. Most of them use lighter materials, plus the shape of big tote. Although it is really big, it can be loaded again. Easy to use.

The most worthwhile bag in 2018: the first push – Gucci Ophidia bag on the T stage, this oversized bag, is Gucci DIY Tote, using the most classic Replica Gucci Bags red green + double G logo pattern, very retro. And this bag can be customized, the ostrich skin on the runway is the first letter of the model name.

Replica Gucci Handbags

When I flew to Milan Fashion Week some time ago, I used this super big bag GUCCI Ophidia New Ladies Bige Canvas Double G Shoulder Bag, but it is a basic model, very easy to use, very loaded, there is a small pouch, can be Put something with you. This leather-covered old brown with red and green stripes, the overall retro charm is very beautiful, the camera is particularly beautiful! In fact, this color, plus retro logo and red and green design, as well as small bags and stylish pockets, is the Gucci Ophidia series!

Replica Gucci Handbags Ophidia’s design, originally from the 2018 Resort show, this series has a lot of different replica bag tote types, basically based on the previous style, adding a very chronological logo and red and green strip design, all at once It has become a fashionable retro style. I feel that the bag of Gucci Ophidia series is not the kind of first-beauty beauty. I didn’t feel very excited when I first saw it, but the more I saw it, the more I felt very good. This may be the result of the ultimate retro processing. . I want to talk about this series of pockets! Gucci Ophidia pockets are really worn on a belt, very suitable for concave shape.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Replica Gucci Bags Ophidia influxes can try a variety of tricks, belts can be tightened to be a pocket, belts can be loosely placed on the raft, and of course the most popular pockets now shoulders or crossbody. Gucci Ophidia pockets are really popular this year. I found that the size of the pocket is very unsuitable for Chinese people. If you really want to try a pocket, it is better to choose a small size pocket.

Polish your eyes! Another wave of good-looking Gucci mini bags are waving to you, it’s beautiful, don’t drop! Rarely uses such simple and straightforward words to describe the bag, but let the netizens comment on it, saying that the Gucci wine bag and the GG Marmont series are grass machines, and the back will not be outdated for a few years, when you see Their new style will be touched. What bags do girls have to carry in the spring and summer of 2018? In fact, Alessandro Michele has long thought about it for you, the mini bag is the way!

Replica Gucci Handbags

Gucci mini bag, the novelty of fashion elements to ensure that you look dazzling, in fact, the brand is a spring and summer popular mini bag, but take a look at the gucci mini bag, autumn and winter began to sell, in addition to the double G canvas basic models, there are Colorful and scented geraniums, as well as velvet and flash diamonds, the stunning atmosphere is really amazing!

The Dionysian bag has become a new classic gucci, proper! And the new mini dionysus, it is bound to make this bag a fire again, the color and material that can be back all year round, from the basic double G canvas, to the geranium pattern, to the velvet and diamond It is absolutely heart-warming for every girl. .

Fashion girl street shoot essential, an attractive gucci mini bag! The velvet color is very beautiful, plus diamonds, is it a high-grade? But you don’t know, in fact, this small replica bag tote is very cost-effective. Put on a Chanel tweed suit and a velvet-encrusted gucci mini drunk bag. The black velvet gucci mini drunk bag is super gorgeous, and the daily casual chain shoulder straps can be used to hold important occasions and light up the stunning dress.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Star street shooting, colorful gucci velvet mini wine god bag, wherever you go is the focus! The purple velvet mini Bacchus bag, with a lot of rhinestones on the tiger’s head buckle, is especially charming. The next step is the time for the selection! Seeing the beautiful gucci mini-distillery bag of the United States, the girls have long been heart-warming!

This winter is very cold, but fashion is a fever! This year’s autumn and winter fire bags are nothing more than velvet, and it is also the style that gucci fans must pull grass. The whole velvet mini drunken bag is colorful! Of course, there are diamonds to choose from. Back to the basic gucci wine bag, the same mini models can choose, with a lot of leather color, with a long shoulder strap is beautiful. One-shoulder slanting hand is used as a waist bag, everything can be used, you can put down the iphone mini bag, with a stylish and light, it is also the 2018 spring and summer girls dressing with a finishing touch. If you think the basics are not attractive enough? Then you can also try this geranium print, and the skirt is also beautiful!