Replica Saint Laurent Cassandra Bag

As the latest member of the Monogram series, the biggest difference between Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Cassandra and its predecessor is its exquisite buckle design – the YSL Logo has been upgraded from a purely decorative accessory to a practical opening and closing lock, giving the classic logo a new deconstruction.

When you see this bag for the first time, you may not guess how it is opened. Just push the right end of the L letter to the left, and the Y letter on the cover will automatically pop out of the lock and open and close. In a unique way.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The Replica Saint Laurent Bags has a trapezoidal profile, with a wide bottom and a narrow top that naturally extends to the envelope flap and the Y letter at the top. The lines are simple and smooth, and it looks very uplifting.

Pebbled Calfskin This bag is crafted from Grain de Poudre pebbled calfskin, which is tougher and more scratch-resistant than regular calfskin and holds up the bag’s shape. The color is Vintage White with a warmer tone, which is better to control and more resistant to dirt than pure white. The edge of the cover is double-layered car line, which has a stronger three-dimensional sense and a little college temperament.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Cassandra has metal spikes at the bottom that allow the bag to stand upright and protect the bottom from fraying. What can this bag hold? Overall, Cassandra is one of the more formal YSL bags and is suitable for use as a daily commuter bag.

There is a flat clip pocket on the back of the bag, which can be used to store a mobile phone. Black grained calfskin lining, double compartments to organize your belongings and a small inner pocket on the back. There is a flat clip pocket on the back of the bag, which can be used to store a mobile phone. Black grained calfskin lining, double compartments to organize your belongings and a small inner pocket on the back.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

We have a notebook, a card holder, iPhone X, lipstick, perfume and Airpods in the bag, and there’s a little more space, and the Replica Saint Laurent Bags Cassandra is already doing quite well as a small handbag. In addition, this bag is very light in weight, which is also a plus point worth investing in.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Cassandra reminds people of the creator of YSL’s classic logo and gives the logo a new way of deconstructing it. In addition to paying tribute, the practicality of the bag itself is also very high, and the clean and neat appearance matches the more formal suit shape.

Replica Celine Triomphe Box Bag

Replica Celine Handbags has launched a number of hits in recent years, such as loafers decorated with classic horsebits, French hairpins demonstrated by Blackpink Lisa, and Leandre Bag, a half-moon handbag.

No wonder it was selected by star fashion consultants as one of the top 7 designer brands to take over in 2022! Recently, the brand has made another effort and quietly launched a brand new Triomphe round Box handbag, which combines cute, elegant and retro charm !

Replica Celine Handbags

The Triomphe Round Box Bag is available in three fabrics: glossy black lizard leather, snakeskin with a gold finish, and the brand’s signature old-fashioned Triomphe canvas. The biggest highlight of the handbag lies in the small and cute silhouette and the oversized Triomphe metal buckle on the front, which is very dazzling, and people can see at a glance that this is a Replica Celine Bags design.

The size of the handbag is 12 X 12 X 9 cm. Although it is not large, it can carry essential small items, such as tissues and lipstick. It also has a handle, which can be carried by hand, showing a retro and luxurious style.

Replica Celine Handbags

Replica Celine Handbags Triomphe Presbyopia series bags, commonly known as the Arc de Triomphe series, CELINE redesigned the logo in the 1970s, which is now the Arc de Triomphe. Previously this iconic logo was often used on haute couture luggage and accessories.

The 2020 spring and summer limited edition Presbyopia Arc de Triomphe series released a new milky white color scheme, which is soft and creamy. The combination of beige and milky white can neutralize and balance the color without making the white look too prominent and blinking.

Replica Celine Handbags

The golden Arc de Triomphe logo buckle gives the bag a three-dimensional feel. For many people, the first time they see Triomphe, they will naturally think of the classic Box of the previous generation. The two bags are somewhat similar in size, material and construction.

In a sense, the Triomphe is an “upgrade” of the Classic Box, with adjustable shoulder straps. It can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body, and sisters of different heights can find their own proportions, which is especially friendly to small girls.

Replica Celine Handbags

The weight of the bag is relatively light, and the shoulder straps are wider than the box, so that you can put heavy things on your shoulders. If the box is a simple and high-cold style, then Triomphe is a delicate and retro to the bone, a neutral bag type, but it is not lacking in femininity!

Triomphe’s new underarm bag, Replica Celine Bags, transforms the crossbody bag from the Triomphe Arc de Triomphe series into a popular underarm bag! Compared with the previous style, the shape is more slender, the size of 20104, the capacity is also smaller, but the spring and summer back is enough!

There are currently 5 colors to choose from, old-fashioned color, classic black, retro brown, gentle goose yellow and lilac purple, all of which are versatile colors that can’t go wrong.