Chloe Gala Medium Topstitched Leather Bucket Bag Black

The Replica Chloe Handbags Faye collection, which was born in the spring/summer 2015 show, presents a bohemian retro style with more internal compartments for easier storage. Different colors and leathers are suitable for different styles of girls, which makes the series of bags more comprehensive. Only after half a year, many websites have sold out of stock, showing how much this replica bag tote is!

Chloe Chloe is a bit sensational for every new bag, and is regarded as a welfare Replica Chloe Bags Gala Medium Topstitched Leather Bucket Bag Black. This time it is not a pig bag, nor a faye, but a new catwalk replica bag tote Nile. Chloe bag, semi-circular small bag like the moon and like a boat, the line is both soft and amiable, the brass-colored metal ring handle and the rivet decoration are full of modern sense, this geek quickly attracts Yang Mi, Gu Lina Zha, Gao Yuanyuan, Liu Wen… Many star supermodels have started, and the sisters who are keen on fashion new darlings have to be captured. What is the beauty of the semi-circular Nile chloe? How much fire is there?

Replica Chloe Handbags

Supermodel Liu Wen put on a camel windbreaker and twisted Nile chloe Chloe mini bag, round metal carry, and small round bag body, cute mini bag screwed in the hand is too fan, who is Crow Is Yimei a geek? I think the Chloe Nile mini bracelet has this potential.

Another style that is most suitable for autumn with bags, Chloe has a bag that countless goddesses have every year. If the most popular last year is the chloe pig bag, this year must be a coloe named faye. With the bag, Chloe has fully interpreted the bohemian style, and the iconic metal buckle “Faye” series has become a new favorite of the stars. The goddess Gao Yuanyuan is the love for Replica Chloe Handbags. A so-called bell, wearing it to marry, take the red carpet, go out of the street anytime, anywhere, taking advantage of Chloe’s new Faye bag, beautiful people!

The Chloe bag releases many different types of styles while retaining the uniform style. Of course, it is mainly reflected in the change of material pattern color. Chloe faye bag has an iconic ring buckle, which symbolizes low-key character. Smokey gray, full of enthusiasm and unique charm brown khaki vintage leather, python skin material and crocodile embossed suede, as well as colorful cut pattern, more exotic, bohemian Come!

Replica Chloe Handbags

This season, Chloe shows a strong boho style, full of retro-inspired materials and tones, and the “Faye” of the round buckle has become the focus of the top priority. Compared to the roundness of the pig, Chloe Faye The use of angular design, rectangular, trapezoidal geometry can not only attract young girls with personality, but also can bring back the fashion nostalgia of those who are not old fashion. The storage function is first-class, the spectroscopy index bursts, Replica Chloe Bags Faye of different colors and materials exudes a different kind of brilliance and temperament, so fascinating, no wonder the goddesses are all one!

The three most common sizes of the Chloe Faye series are Medium Medium, Small Small and Mini Mini. Chloe Faye can be so called in the seemingly regular design, the serious trapezoidal design touches not only the girls with strong personality, but even the 60s people who see this design will bring back the fashionable feelings of youth. The characteristics of the ride are always the most interesting playthings in your hand.

Now, the metal ring not only appears on the bag, but also on the shoes. Especially Muller shoes, Lok Fu shoes, there are so many styles, there has been a trend of explosions in China! Another fashionable highlight of the metal ring is the belt or the zipper. Dora prefers the metal ring that appears on the belt. It is very fashionable.

Replica Chloe Handbags

Then when the metal ring is no longer a decoration on the bag, but directly replaces the handle and becomes a metal handle – although last year’s show, such as Marni, but stupid Can’t do it.

This year, Chloe’s bracelet bag, named Nile, is divided into two styles, one is saddle bag + metal ring, the other is half moon shape + metal ring. The saddle bag style is especially suitable for matching pants, although it is also equipped with Leather shoulder strap, but it is really better to hold the bracelet directly. It is more popular than the saddle model. It is half moon shaped ~ Hong Kong, the first time because I saw the street shooting of domestic female stars, I didn’t feel that this bag looks good. .

Until then I saw some look with a very elegant skirt to match this bag – wow, so beautiful! In fact, Zara also has a metal bracelet before and after, mainly because of the larger tote. Compared to Chloe’s saddle and half moon shape, Zara is a lot more handsome, but it’s also pretty good.