Replica Saint Laurent Cassandra Bag

As the latest member of the Monogram series, the biggest difference between Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Cassandra and its predecessor is its exquisite buckle design – the YSL Logo has been upgraded from a purely decorative accessory to a practical opening and closing lock, giving the classic logo a new deconstruction.

When you see this bag for the first time, you may not guess how it is opened. Just push the right end of the L letter to the left, and the Y letter on the cover will automatically pop out of the lock and open and close. In a unique way.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The Replica Saint Laurent Bags has a trapezoidal profile, with a wide bottom and a narrow top that naturally extends to the envelope flap and the Y letter at the top. The lines are simple and smooth, and it looks very uplifting.

Pebbled Calfskin This bag is crafted from Grain de Poudre pebbled calfskin, which is tougher and more scratch-resistant than regular calfskin and holds up the bag’s shape. The color is Vintage White with a warmer tone, which is better to control and more resistant to dirt than pure white. The edge of the cover is double-layered car line, which has a stronger three-dimensional sense and a little college temperament.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Cassandra has metal spikes at the bottom that allow the bag to stand upright and protect the bottom from fraying. What can this bag hold? Overall, Cassandra is one of the more formal YSL bags and is suitable for use as a daily commuter bag.

There is a flat clip pocket on the back of the bag, which can be used to store a mobile phone. Black grained calfskin lining, double compartments to organize your belongings and a small inner pocket on the back. There is a flat clip pocket on the back of the bag, which can be used to store a mobile phone. Black grained calfskin lining, double compartments to organize your belongings and a small inner pocket on the back.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

We have a notebook, a card holder, iPhone X, lipstick, perfume and Airpods in the bag, and there’s a little more space, and the Replica Saint Laurent Bags Cassandra is already doing quite well as a small handbag. In addition, this bag is very light in weight, which is also a plus point worth investing in.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Cassandra reminds people of the creator of YSL’s classic logo and gives the logo a new way of deconstructing it. In addition to paying tribute, the practicality of the bag itself is also very high, and the clean and neat appearance matches the more formal suit shape.

Replica Saint Laurent EAST SIDE Medium Leather Handbag

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags may be the most complicated character in luxury goods. She belongs to the noisy city but has a revered classical heart. It is shuttled between the lights and the green, but also has the infinite pursuit of freedom and detachment. From the shadow to the day after, from the stars to the celebrities, they all fall under the infinite charm of its high level. If you want to start a big bag but don’t want to fall into the clich√©, Replica Saint Laurent is your best choice!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

This East Side Tote bag comes from Saint Laurent. SAINT LAURENT EAST SIDE Medium Leather Handbag Design details: detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, top handle with two handles, overhead zipper, built-in multiple layers, built-in zip pocket, embossed logo on the front, patch pocket on the front, Remove the mini bag.

Heidi Slimane, the boss of the game, has always been the elegant and noble Replica Saint Laurent Bags. It has become the favorite “It Bag making machine” for trend people. The brand name that has been passed down for nearly a hundred years has also changed from Replica Saint Laurent to SLP.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

For Replica Saint Laurent Handbags, we have placed an infinite expectation! For example, in the 68-year-old hunting costume, the handsome wildness gives us another possibility of freedom; the number of people who have appeared in the smoking suit in 75 years is so much loved, as Echo once wrote, every love wears smoking. The girl in the dress is a story in her eyes; the 83-year-old pink bow, after skipping from the runway, never came out of the hearts of the audience!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Every creative director has not let us down, the glory of the glory, or the hidden style, is still fascinating. In 2012, Hedi Slimane, who was the director of Replica Saint Laurent Bags men’s wear, returned to the brand and took charge of creative work. He also renamed the brand to “Saint Laurent Paris” and recreated the logo using Heetica fonts, injecting more young elements into the brand!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Although after four years, Hedi Slimane left again. But those popular items are still classic! Today our theme is to take a look at Saint Laurent in the past year, the most attractive bags for the money to buy and buy bags! Speaking of shopping bags, it is really indispensable in every girl’s wardrobe, big and practical, basically all of them are classic! If you can make you back to the old, it is not an exaggeration!

Replica Saint Laurent Classic Monogram embossed leather shoulder bag

Sunset series Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Messenger replica bag tote , in addition to the most classic Kate, Monogram series there is only a very nice and very practical bag, is the 2016 autumn and winter series launch of Sunset. It resembles another Sac de Jour organ bag that YSL is very hot. The Sunset side is like an organ. It looks squarely and has a retro feel.

You can adjust the length of the single chain diagonally across the back, or you can double the length of the shoulder bag. Compared with Kate, Sunset’s capacity is more suitable for daily use, and the size of the bag is just not burdensome, but it can be installed. It has two large compartments, a small compartment on the outside of the bag, and the compartment is a compartment with a certain thickness, just enough to put down the iPhone 8 Plus, the side pocket on the back can also put some Access cards, for example, need small items that are often used.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags
The Sunset has a new Aspen cortex that is similar to the box’s cortex. It looks shiny and oily. This wine red Sunset of Jiang Shuying is accompanied by this kind of leather and it looks very retro. Sunset is very clean and neat, and the length of the chain belt is just right on the waist, and the street casual style is also very nice and fashionable.

Sunset’s design is square, I think the crocodile-printed Sunset is more special and looks more luxurious than regular models. Saint Laurent Classic Monogram embossed leather shoulder bag Pink, Monogram College series YSL Messenger replica bag tote , do not think that the classic Replica Saint Laurent Bags logo can only match the shape of a simple and rigid bag! More casual people are sure to be no stranger to college. He is also a very iconic one in the YSL Monogram series!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

College is a very college style postman. Unlike Kate and Sunset, the College bag is softer. In addition to the YSL logo, there are V-shaped stitches on the bag. The V-shaped stitches are exactly where the Replica Saint Laurent Handbags logo is. It looks like there was a focus in the past. You can see the nice YSL logo at a glance.

It has a handle and a detachable chain, which is more handsome than Kate and Sunset. It has two sizes, medium and large. Different sizes have different feelings. The large College has a feeling of domineering, especially when it is hand-held. It is very good for the girl with a strong gas field.

The medium College’s chain is slightly longer and more cute and casual. There is a Loulou bag in the YSL Monogram series. You may feel very much like a bag when you suddenly look at it, but Loulou’s suture is a Y shape, and with a smooth leather, the bag looks More flexible.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Loulou is available in three sizes, trumpet, medium and large. In addition to different heights, girls can choose according to their height, and they can choose between daily practicality and style! The large and medium chain straps are relatively short and are shoulder bags. The soft replica bag tote style and practical capacity are particularly suitable for commuting. The medium College can hold a Macbook.

The chain of the trumpet is longer and can be used for slanting. It looks more casual. It’s a good time to go shopping and go out to play! The bulging bag is completely different from other Replica Saint Laurent Bags.

These two years are very popular leather bags, Loulou has a bag version, do the old texture and retro V-shaped lines, so that this bag looks very tasty, gives people a sense of vintage replica bag tote . It also came out of the trumpet, bulging design is actually quite cute, especially pale pink, this size of a small bag is the most practical, do not tired out back, but also to free their hands.

Saint Laurent Betty Mini Chain Shoulder Bag

From the creative director Hedi Slimane since taking office, Replica Saint Laurent Handbags show a more personalized and fresh fashion style, in the accessories, there are a variety of bags much star and fashion type favorite, Betty, Duffle, Sac De Jour these stars favor, Photographed ultra-high Saint Laurent bag, you know it?

Betty to Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags friend and inspiration goddess Betty Catroux name. Oro Betty chic shape is its biggest scoring point, clamshell “angle” design different, slender chain elegant and refined, either as a messenger bag to use, you can also roll up the chain, grip In the hands of a clutch. From the creative director HediSlimane since taking office, SaintLaurent show a more personalized and fresh fashion style, in the accessories, there are a variety of bags much star and fashion-loving, Betty, Duffle, SacDeJour … these stars favor, photographed Rate of high Replica Saint Laurent bag, you know it? Betty bag by winning the opportunity, the poster and you know it again Saint LaurentIt Bag family of the most famous members.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

At the end of 2014 YSL Betty bag was the star of one of the most popular Replica handbags, but in the past year, Saint Laurent (Betty) bag seems to have long silence. In the vagaries of the fashion circle, a bag of silence seems to have caused no attention, and when people are dazzling replica bag tote paragraph fans Eyes, Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) to re-introduce the new Betty bag, an increase of good Several colors, but still the same is the folding triangle!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

As we all know, Saint Laurent is a famous French Replica luxury bags, mainly fashion, skin care products, perfume and so on. While the handbag in Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) many star products seems to be weak. But surprisingly, the three-dimensional chain of full replica bag tote, with its unique personality in a replica bag tote of public money stand out! Gorgeous and beautiful skin powder and passionate red, this season is the most prominent of the two new colors. Simple design, classic style, so that fans regain the Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) Betty bag favorite!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

To say the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour handbag “true love powder”, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s name must be in the front, last year when her favorite is a gray Saint Laurent Duffle handbag, This year is the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour black handbag. Rosie girl frequently take it out of the street, especially when the airport debut, for the need to fly around the busy work of the supermodel, the design of a simple, powerful gas field, easy to use and practical handbags, it is Again appropriate.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

In addition to the black Sac De Jour, the red version is also very popular with stars like bright colors full of light for the overall shape is too important, JessicaAlba, HilaryDuff has a red version, LilyAldridge is to tell you how to use a light color to black and white with Become extraordinary.

Large Sac De Jour handbags for Rosie, Lily such a supermodel figure, the control up effortlessly, if you are petite type, worried that they can not Hold large bags, may wish to look at the same small Reese Witherspoon Mini-version of the Replica Saint Laurent Bags Nano Sac De Jour satchel, with little girls just right. Delicate chic, elegant winning the SaintLaurent Betty. Betty unique shape is its biggest scoring point, clamshell “fold” design different, slender chain elegant and refined, either as a Messenger bag to use, you can roll up the chain, holding in the hands of a clutch, regardless of Day and night, whether shopping or attending official activities, Betty is a good partner with.