Texture Givenchy Lucrezia Bags Replica Cheap Totes For Sale

Lucrezia series is Givenchy’s design director Riccardo Tisci a new interpretation of the daily bag. The new package focused Givenchy show all signature elements: simple structure and rich sense of design, and rigid collision stark contrast sensibility. Replica Givenchy Lucrezia Bags Replica bags winter series will soon be released, in order to meet the characteristics of dark shades of autumn and winter, autumn and winter Replica¬†Givenchy launched bags significantly higher than in spring and summer color deep a lot, a whole series of bags are very casual fashion ! 2014 autumn and winter season in order to match the dark melody, the most famous Givenchy Antigona, Lucrezia, Nightingale, HDG and Pandora Box bags launched a new color more deep color, and those such as denim and casual fashion style sweater with the most perfect!


Givenchy Winter Series bags also mix animal prints and geometric patterns have money bag is very feminine, the design of these packages section is full of emotion and respect, with a new face to explain the charm and creativity. Inspired by the 40’s retro elements, it was apparent in the classic feminine elegance GIVENCHY by RICCARDO TISCI launched Lucrezia series handbags, Givenchy show signs of simplicity and rich sense of structure design. The United States Givenchy Lucrezia dual trumpet leather bag, fine, capable, tough, lightweight design, with red leather texture, generous fashion. Wrap has a unique design lines, coupled with the brand’s logo, the bag features a wealth of detail. GIVENCHY by RICCARDO TISCI launched Lucrezia series handbags, Givenchy show signs of structural simplicity and rich sense of design, rigid sensibility in stark contrast to the collision. Lucrezia symbol of strong and independent spirit, sweeping to capture the unique characteristics of Givenchy women. The new package of simple shape, contour and elegant, exquisite workmanship, elegant, showing a strong sense of the modern city.


Simple box-profile design highlights the cathartic design and unparalleled sense of symmetry. Wrap leather stripes extending longitudinally from the leather-covered decorative details triangle composed of two directly connected to the handle. Oversized zippers and straps for bags geometric lines adds movement elements. Metal rivets, triangular metal rings and leather covered by the bottom corner to make bags and other decorative details to enhance the overall degree of recognition, adding a dynamic atmosphere. The bag is also quite diverse selection, including soft nappa, alligator and lizard grain leather, vegetable tanned calfskin, paisley pattern tarpaulins, braided leather or grained goatskin with XS, S and M three kinds of size to choose from. Replica Givenchy Lucrezia bag originally only for men, spread to the men’s and women’s, weekend bag, 24h, briefcase, totes and other LC Bags series of bags. Religion has always been a very dark color and strength of Givenchy, designed to uphold the symmetry perfect proportions, into Givenchy’s iconic elements, such as rose print, camouflage pattern, in fact, these patterns are also there in the clothing show. Package shall calfskin material used in all comfort, to find a balance between mature and stylish.


Lucrezia handbags Givenchy design director Riccardo Tisci a new interpretation of the daily bag. Following the 2013 spring and summer series Lucrezia shine Givenchy has launched a new 2013 autumn and winter series Lucrezia, in addition to the latest women’s collection used in the package printing money, it also launched a new derivative models Lucrezia Shopping.

Lucrezia bold use of the autumn and winter women’s collection in the classic pattern: romantic rose print, Madonna and collision American stars and stripes elements, all reminiscent of the spirit of love and dream. From the details of building a sense of sheer knit stripes, full texture of leather Givenchy studio highlights the exquisite workmanship and sophisticated technology. The Contour Wrap full Givenchy consistently uphold the neutral style while taking into account the practicality. Lucrezia symbolizes the strong and independent spirit, sweeping Givenchy to capture the unique qualities of women. Whether or Lucrezia Lucrezia Shopping, its simple shape, contour and elegant, exquisite workmanship, elegant, modern sense of the city’s strong showing, so that every woman Givenchy highlight endless charm.